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HES protective glass units
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HES Glass units
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Angelo crystals

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The standard frame with HES glass units
32 mm

HES Production and patent protection
The "HES technology" Company has the exclusive licensing rights for the manufacturing of all the products presented within this website. Any copying or its manufacturing without the prior permission of the company and rights owners will be subject to criminal liability and administrative responsibility, according to the Russian and international patent protection laws, and the regulatory acts, concerning the relations within the field of intellectual and industrial property.

Liability for the patent rights violation

According to the Art. 147 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, among the criminal right violations there are illegal invention use of a useful model or an industrial specimen, invention details publishing without the permission of the author or the applicant of invention, useful model or industrial specimen.

The illegal use of the patent right objects embraces any introduction of the product, unauthorized by the patent right holder, created with the use of invention, useful model or industrial specimen in the economic circulation, and also the application of an industrial method, protected by the patent for invention. The particular types of the product introduction in the economic circulation are such actions as its manufacturing, application, import, warehousing, offering for sale, sales, etc.

The principle of the full damage compensation, supported by the legislation, also is in force regarding the patent right violation. In the field under question, the damages are most commonly expressed in a form of lost profit, what can be connected to a diminished production volume and realization of the patent protected production, a forced prices setback, etc. The non-material damage has the form of a character assassination of the patent holder and his/her/its position on market. The liability for the rights violation means the adverse consequences, the violator must undergo as a result of a committed crime (retrieve the inflicted damage, compensate the losses, pay a fine, discharge the term of sentence, etc.).

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